Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Many Faces of Me

We did self-portraits the first few weeks of school and I wanted to revisit those with the kids. Originally they wrote things about themselves like "I am pretty"--which was fine, but I wanted them to expand those thoughts a bit and write about the different ways they can feel. I took pictures of them with all sorts of different expressions-some were really playful with it. I felt like Tyra Banks for a minute asking them to give me a happy pose, sad, mad, surprised and my favorite---rock star! They took those pictures, glued them to a big sheet of paper and then wrote about the different ways they often feel. Then I asked them to make a border around the outside to give their projects a little more panache!

Here are a few examples to show you  :).

I can be super-crazy.
I can be the rock-and-roll girl.
I can be super happy.
I can be shy.

I can be shy when I come to school.
I can be sad when I come to school.
I am happy when I do not go to school.

I can be silly when I get my way.
I am sad because my  mom don't give me my toy.
I can be happy.

I feel mad sometimes when someone hits me.
I can be happy when it is not raining.
I feel silly when I am with my friends.

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