Friday, December 5, 2014

Papa Is A Poet

One of my favorite poets is Robert Frost. I know that's a cliched choice, but I really love so many of his poems. I think he uses very simple words to create very deep meaning. I came across this book and thought it would be a great way to reinforce biographies with my kiddos.

This is my Papa (with Ruby pretending to be a lapdog--she adores him!)

Now don't get me wrong, of course I love my father, however he was a graduate of Virginia Tech with an engineering degree. I can tell you right now living with him as someone much more comfortable in reading classes than math was not always fun. He'd give you probability problems to earn your dinner. Homework help from Dad was a punishment. He'd show you 8 different ways to solve for x until you were thoroughly confused. And never could understand why you couldn't get it--the problem is just so easy.

I think it would have been interesting to have a poet for a father. According to the story lots of time was spent observing nature and playing with words. Certainly a different way to grow up! So I asked my kids to write about what it would be like to grow up with a poet for a father, here's what they came up with:

My Dad always takes off when I have vacation,  if my Dad was a poet my Dad wouldn't be able to stay with me.

I would thank him for that. (love the detail of the little sign on the house saying 'poet place')

My house would have a poet office and my Dad will always have to work 24 hours.

I would ask to put poems on the house.

It would be a different life for me.

He would be smart and he writes books.

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