Friday, December 26, 2014

Karma and an Update

So I came home for the break, like I know many other teachers probably did, with a list of things to get done. Well, Friday night my computer went off and when I turned it back on, went right off again. I took it in to get it fixed (it's still there!) and borrowed a laptop that hadn't been used in years. When I turned it on it had 171 updates to wait for! I really think karma is telling me not to do any work over the break! :) I still don't have access to my pics that I downloaded. :(

If you read me regularly you know it has been a bit of a challenging year for me. I had knee surgery at the end of November and was out from school for 2 weeks. It probably should have been longer, but you know how that goes. When I came back, my motion was limited by crutches and even a wheelchair to go long distances. The kids and parents were uber-supportive and understanding, but it's still hard to feel so inadequate. You don't realize how much you walk or stand in a day on campus!

Well, yesterday in physical therapy....I rode a bike!!!! I went like 1/3 of a mile in 10 minutes (I had to go really slow) but I was so proud of myself! I'm down to one crutch now so I can do my own grocery shopping again and put out my own trash. It still has to get stronger-I haven't fully used it since before September because even before the surgery I was limping--but I will get there!

Ruby and I enjoyed our holiday! This is her with the toys Santa brought her-they didn't last more than 10 minutes, but that's how Christmas is supposed to be right?

So one week of vacation down and I really don't have very much accomplished. But I think that's what was meant to be! :) Hope you are enjoying your holidays and your break as well!


  1. Glad that you are making progress in the area of mobility! That's awesome! Our dog broke one toy in a matter of minutes, but has actually managed to keep his other toy intact. He's far more interested in my daughter's toys than his right now...

  2. Thanks Terri! That's funny! Reading your posts about toys you discover, I bet your daughter has some good toys! :)

    1. Very true! Remote control robots are every dog's dream to catch and rip apart!

  3. Glad to hear you're starting to move around a bit better!
    The only toy that's lasted with my dog has been a hard rubber blue bear. He LOVES that thing:)
    Enjoy the rest of your holidays!