Monday, December 15, 2014

Gift Class Book

So we survived our week-long standardized testing! The kids were good sports about it and I'm very glad my room no longer looks like this:

I had to laugh. One of my students was absent and they came to get her for a make-up test. Well, about 10 minutes later her friends asks, "where's Mary?" and a boy answered "oh, she's getting a makeover". LOL! I guess they have never heard the words "make-up test" before and took it quite literally.

So we do a class book every month as an example of publishing their work. I take writing from each student on the same subject and we copy it, sending it home to share with parents. This month is my FAVORITE topic! I have each child write about their peers. The question is "Johnny is a gift to our class because.... " and several students (and I) respond. I love how the final product comes out, especially because we do bucket fillers and I am tyring to get them beyond "she is nice" or "she is pretty". My favorite one this year is "she opens her heart to everyone". That is a gift. I took out the students' names, but they do sign their comments.

She does Girl Scouts with me.
She is nice.
She is kindful. ( I love when they make up words! )
She shares.
She thinks about me.

Hope you guys are surviving these busy, busy days before the break. I know we have Winter Program rehearsals, a field trip to see Madeline's Christmas and a parent craft activity. Somewhere in there my assessor is going to come do an observation for my evaluation--should be interesting! :)

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