Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Designing Christmas Trees

I know, I know Christmas is over! :) However, I am just going through pics now due to technical difficulties. 

I came across this very simple book that gave me a very challenging idea:

It's a book of different trees decorated for different animals/people. So the horse's tree has carrots. the cat's tree has fish, etc. I wanted them to show what a tree for a specific character would look like.

Originally, I had them fold the paper to give them 4 squares and gave them characters from the Wizard of Oz (which we had just finished reading) to decorate a tree for. That proved to be too difficult. So I changed it mid-way through and asked them just to design a tree for me. What would Miss Trayers' tree, the teacher's tree look like?

This is what some of them came up with:

This is a wheelchair tree.

A tree decorated with paper.

Various things including a pencil and pencil sharpener.

A glue stick tree.

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I've got to remember to try this next year!