Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Perspective of Cinderella's Shoe

Multiple perspectives is usually one of the easier concepts to teach the kiddos. I know many people use different characters-if you were this character what would you have done, and we do those activities. But I also like to try to be a little creative with it sometimes.

Today I asked them to consider what life was like as Cinderella's glass slipper. It is very important component in the story-without it, Cinderella may have never become royalty and lived happily ever after. This was how my students saw life as a glass slipper:

I would not like to be broken.

I would fit.

I will be pretty.

when she ran I would stay.

I would smell stinky toes.

I would want to be put on the right foot.

I did not know who Cinderella is and I put it on the sister and her stinky feet-I would be grossed out.

I would be beautiful.

I would be so so so so surprised.

I would be tired because everybody's foot is in me.

I will have a friend.


  1. There are worse things than stinky toes, I would say, after seeing Into the Woods!