Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Utilizing Technology to Check for Understanding

I am so excited to share this resource! I couldn't wait to get home and download the pics and share it with you. We have a pretty stringent evaluation process and one of the standards that they look for is "check for understanding". I struggle with how to do this with such a big class of youngsters! Exit tickets sound wonderful, but when you consider their limited writing ability-it just takes so much longer than the information is even worth to me! And this may be something you already know about, but it was completely new to me.

I was reading Ian's site and came across Plickers. It's in section # 3-Speed Geeking:

I have always wanted those clickers you can hook into the Smartboard. I've even considered doing a Donorschoose proposal for them but it even seemed like too much to ask a donation for. This is the site:

All you have to do is input your class list and they assign everyone a number. You print the cards they generate. What I did was put them on tagboard and on a popsicle stick-writing their names on the sticks (they say not to laminate them because it may give a glare that makes it impossible for the phone to read).

So you make up a question and answers:

They turn their sticks to show A, B, C, D, or True/False. You scan them with your device (I used my phone but the ipad would probably be easier to see) and it gives you automatic data on responses!

My kiddos did not understand why I was so excited about these cards, but I just love how easy and how little preparation it took.

I love finding new technology tools and just wanted to share! Hope it's something you try out with your classes!

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