Friday, July 1, 2016

Books About New Siblings

I worked in daycare for many years after I graduated from college (much to my parents'chagrin!). One of my favorite stories is when I worked with 3 year olds in the preschool room. A little girl had turned 3 and moved into that classroom. She was telling everyone that she was going to have a little brother or sister. We looked at mom when she came to pick her up and she didn't look like she was expecting, however the girl was very insistent. So one day we finally just broke down and asked the mother, so when are you due? She laughed-I'm not pregnant, what would make you think that? So we explained. The little girl said "whenever a child moves into the 3-year old room, they get a brother or sister". I guess a lot of the parents were leaving a 3 year gap between pregnancies! She thought it was an automatic thing.

Having a little brother or sister enter your world can be a traumatic event. These books explore this plot line and bonus-most of them even feature diverse characters!

Life for Elmore Green was perfect until "it" came along. It wants his jellybeans and copies everything he does. Until one night Elmore realizes "it"may come in pretty handy. A really sweet story.

This is a beautiful book! A little girl who is not too happy about the prospect of sharing everything with a new little one, but she also pretty quickly changes her mind.

My favorite part of this book is when she teaches her new little brother the ABC's wrong! This one is pretty funny-the kids always enjoy it.

There is always room on Mother's lap!!! A beautiful story that has the repetition that the kiddos just love.

Poor Peter-he has decided to take his valuable belongings and run away because he's not getting the attention he needs anymore.

So whether you are preparing for a new little one or that it's a theme the kids can relate to-these are some good choices for books about siblings.

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