Monday, July 18, 2016

My Summer So Far

I taught summer school this year, so my break did not officially begin until July. I've been spending a lot of time working on lesson plans, student book club study guides and workstations for when we return-but the good news is I can do that while I stream tv shows! :) I do not watch very much television. I watch the news every morning and Game of Thrones-that's pretty much all I watch on regular tv. I do, when we have some down time like to binge-watch (I hate that term). I found 2 that I liked this summer:

I thought this show was very well done. It's a take on what America might look like if we had lost WW II. So Germany and Japan both rule. Very thought-provoking and suspenseful. There were a few times I wanted to just shake the main character!

I thought this show had just enough spooky. The kids they cast were just phenomenal. I wish there were more answers by the time it got to the end, but I assume there will be another season.

I have managed to do some reading for fun:

This is such a well-written book of short stories. The characters in them were very different but they all revolve around our relationship with nature.

This is a pretty good ghost story. Two parallel plots that come together at the end. Not too scary. :)

Now I have eclectic tastes. :) I liked this book. I did not see the fairy tale connection that was in the book summary, however, I did think it was an interesting character study. The first half of the book told by a girl who escapes an abusive home to make a better life for herself. The second half told mostly by her daughter. It is a bit stream-of-consciousness at times and I can see why half the people who reviewed it did not like it, but I did. 

I've also been able to meet some old friends for lunch, celebrate my birthday, catch up on appointments including a well-needed haircut (my first in a year!).

I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and getting some veg time in as well!

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  1. I don't watch much TV either. I have a few shows that I record and then watch when I'm not reading all the books on my list. Congrats on the haircut!