Monday, July 4, 2016


So one of my resolutions for my classroom this upcoming year is to celebrate more! I had a calendar many years ago that included all the National Days-National Hot Dog Day, National Sea Turtle Day, Ansel Adams birthday, etc. I am making a calendar for myself this year and I am going to take a few minutes every day to celebrate something or someone.

I cannot figure out how to upload the actual files, however I do have the last 2 weeks of August and September to post here. If you are interested at all in a copy of this calendar-just e-mail me and I can send it to you. It was culled from a number of different sites.

So excited to celebrate this year!!!!

August 22nd-Tooth Fairy Day, Tongue Twister Day
August 23rd-Ride Like the Wind Day
August 25-Earth was first photographed from the moon, Mt. Vesuvius erupted
August 26th-Dog Appreciation Day
August 29th-King Henry the Fifth's Birthday
August 31st-Eat outside day
September (Classical Music Month)
Sept. 9th-Teddy Bear Day
Sept. 13th-Roald Dahl's birthday, Uncle Sam Day
Sept. 15th-Make a Hat Day
Sept. 16-Mayflower Day, Play-doh Day
Sept. 19th-Constitution Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sept. 20-World Gratitude Day
Sept. 22nd-Elephant Appreciation Day
Sept. 25th -Keep Kids Creative Week/Banned Books Week
Sept. 28th-Good neighbor day


  1. I would love a copy of that, please. I used to use those days to spark writing and would love to start incorporating them in different ways again. Thanks for the time you spent researching!

  2. I've done a bit of this the past two years, although I was just choosing one day a week to celebrate something. Usually as the year goes on, I get worse at it. :)

    1. That may be what happens to me too, but I'm going to start out with good intentions. :)

  3. Hi! Great idea! I always miss these! I would love to do the same. Would you mind sending it to me? Thanks for your time and help! Enjoy your summer and good luck next year!

    1. Of course, no problem. Will get it out to you today.

  4. I'd love a copy, too, please.
    Thank you!

    1. I sent it this morning-just let me know if for some reason you didn't receive it. :)