Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ethics and Horton the Elephant

Ethics is one of my favorite concepts of Depth and Complexity to teach. I can see so much progress in my kiddos when it comes to their reasoning skills and making an argument. In the beginning the students are looking to me to see what the "right" answer is, what answer I am looking for. At this point of the year they are full of their own opinions and many are not shy about sharing them! :)

We are doing a unit on Dr. Seuss this week and I read them the story Horton Hatches an Egg. Instead of giving them a scenario from the story to think about I asked them to think about ethics-what is right/wrong and to write about something they felt was wrong in the story.  I was so impressed by the variety of responses!

It was wrong they took the elephant away.

Wrong the bird thought it was her egg.

Wrong she didn't want to be a mommy.

It was wrong the bird left her babies, birds should protect their babies.

It was wrong the bird yelled in the ear.

It was wrong the the bird told him to sit on the nest.

Wrong to take Horton to the circus.

wrong that his embarrassed him. 

wrong the elephant was on the egg.

Wrong for Horton to trust her because it was hurtful.

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