Sunday, March 26, 2017

If I Were the Giving Tree...

The Giving Tree is a classic story. I played the version of Shel Silverstein reading it himself:

Then I asked the students to write from the perspective of the Giving Tree-how would they feel, what would they say/do?

If I were the Giving Tree I would go away.

...I would be happy someone took my branches.

I would have decorations.

The most hones answer:    I would say I'm glad to give him my stuff but I wish he would ask another tree.

I feel beautiful. The tree she had to give all those things to the boy.

I wanted the boy not to be homeless.

I want the man to be rich.


I would have a lot of apples.

I would have more best friends.

I will love the boy. :) 

I will let him get my stuff.

I would feel bad because I was all alone.

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