Thursday, December 16, 2021

My Favorite Activity to Boost Creativity

I believe our students come to us with an innate creativity. For some students this skill has never been taught and we have to activate those powers. :) In my experience, we often ask students to "be creative" in their writing but we never teach them the skills that would make progress in being creative possible.

One of my favorite activites to do is I split the class into groups of 4 students. I give them some letters of the alphabet and they have to come up with an animal or a place or a food that begins with that letter. But here is the catch-your team only gets a point for your answer if it is different than all the others. If the letter is A and 2 teams say "apple" and one team says "asparagus" only the asparagus team will get a point because that was the creative answer. If all 3 teams have a different answer then all 3 teams will get a point.

We did animals yesterday-so proud of how creative their answer were-we play this game probably every other week-I really think it is helping them develop creativity skills!

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