Tuesday, April 7, 2015


One of the exciting parts of doing a student book club through my district is the new books I discover every year. This is one of them:

It's a story about a legendary fish that our protagonist's father says he once caught. What it brings up to me is the ethics in the situation. So you let this legend go as he is pleading that you do or do you cook him up for dinner and enjoy the fame that goes along with that catch. Here's what my kiddos thought:

                                           Yes I would let him go because I do not eat meat.
No because I want to cook it.

I would let him go so he won't get sick.

Yes because if you don't let him be free then he will be sad.

Yes because I don't like to see wild animals die.

No because I want to be famous.

Yes because he would not eat me.

I will let him go because he is free.

Yes because we should all of us have the right to live.

Yes because he will tell stories.

No because I want to eat him.

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