Friday, April 10, 2015

Student-Led Conferences

I encourage a lot of reflection from my kiddos about where they are in their skills and where they are going. We have class goals and individual goals. Each child has their own data folder where they track their growth throughout the year. This time of year I open up my classroom for a few hours after school and invite parents in for a conference. The students are the ones who do the work! We practice with a partner playing mom or dad the day before. I created a menu to kind of guide them that day:

They go over their various data with parents stressing their growth. This is where I started, this is where I am now. This is our class goal.

Our room all ready for parents!

We had more than half our parents come and the students did a great job taking the lead and reflecting on their growth for the year.

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  1. That's impressive stuff. Your little ones are learning some important lifelong skills.