Monday, March 17, 2014

Chapter Read-Alouds With ELL Protagonists

I believe our students should be able to see themselves in the characters of stories that I share with them. It's not as easy as you would think it would be to find books with multicultural characters. These are books that I have used as chapter read-alouds with various classes. They are all about a student who is having to learn not only the English language but also adjust to a whole new school culture.

A refugee from Kosovo adjusting to life in America. Great story about friendship.

                                            Also a refugee adjusting to American culture. There were a couple of more
                                            violent details about the war he survived that I skipped over in my read-aloud, 
                                           but it would be fine for older kids. He is impressed his classroom has a desk and accidently puts the dishes in the washing machine!

A family escapes from Vietnam and has to get used to a whole new culture. For example, they don't understand why people are dressed up for Halloween.

Loved this book! Sorano is a girl struggling to understand her Japanese heritage when her grandfather, aunt, uncle and cousins come to America so the grandfather can have medical treatment. She tries to help her cousin adjust, teaching him how to be "cool".

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