Saturday, March 29, 2014

Testing Motivation

Our state uses the STAAR test and it's coming up for our 4th and 5th Graders next week. Our principal had a great idea for the younger grades to "adopt" an upper grade classroom and the kids would try to motivate their peers for testing season. Every week we've been writing a different song (which by the way helps them practice their reading fluency, syllables, rhyming words....). They also make them little cards and treats. I wish I had taken some pics of their cards this week-because they were very touching. Some of them are trying out wordplay and writing things like "you are a super-STAAR". Some just write messages like "I believe in you so you should believe in yourself" or "you don't need luck you have love". I'm telling you this group is very "heart-full"

This is our latest song that they wrote. It was the first day they were practicing it, so they are still reading the words, but I think it just came out too cute! (I had to cut it a little bit short so it would be a small enough file to upload-but I'm sure you get the idea :).

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