Friday, March 7, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham Perspective

One of  Kaplan's concepts of Depth and Complexity involves thinking from multiple perspectives. So when I introduce stories to the kids, I do start out asking them to think from the perspective of different characters. But when they get good at that we move on to more unconventional perspectives. After reading Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham I asked the kiddos to write from the perspective of the green eggs and ham-what does it feel like, what would they wish for, what would life be like? Here's what they came up with:

                                       I would be mad I had to be carried a lot and happy because I
                                               got to see the world.
                               Happy because I would not be bossed around a lot and I would
                                     be very sad because I want more friends.

                                             Happy and I wish everybody would eat me.

                                     "first it was like "oh now you didn't" then it was like "noooo!". How's that for
                                        use of voice?!
                                          Feel sad and bad because I don't like it so I will let someone else....
                                          I would run away and hide and Sam would say "where is my
                                               green eggs and ham?"
                                        Sad because if somebody is allergic to eggs....

                                        Good because I am in the refrigerator. I don't get sick and I will
                                           feel sad because I get rotten.

                                         I would be sad because I want people to try new things and be curious.

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