Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dragon Arguments

When we use the concept of Ethics from Kaplan's Depth and Complexity, I like to tie it into how to make a good argument. The little ones do not naturally have this skill as you can observe very easily waiting in the check-out line at Target. They will just keep saying "I want that" (sometimes more and more emphatically) instead of maybe making an argument for their case. My kiddos know that if they want to convince me of something-like that they should be allowed to go out for recess, then they need to make a good argument for that. We've been doing it pretty regularly for a while now and I think they do understand the concept much better now. I overhear them talking to each other sometimes. The other day something fell and one of the kids said we must have a ghost. Right away his friend said "it can't be a ghost-they only come out at night". We might have a bunch of future lawyers on our hands! :)

So I was at a bit of a loss what theme to do the week back. It's too early for eggs and it's felt like Spring here for a while now. So I decided to do dragons! Who knew there were so many books with dragons as characters! I've always been fascinated with dragons. So my question to the kids was: were dragons real? And regardless of their answer I wanted to see a reason why:

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