Sunday, November 3, 2013

Costumes Over Time

So I realize Halloween is over, but I wanted to share one more activity that my kiddos did. Over Time is a really hard concept for them, considering they've only been on this earth for 6 years (it still cracks me up when one of them says "that was the best day in my whole life!"). We talked some about the past, like over 100 years ago past, when they didn't have electricity or plumbing.

My question to them was how do you think costumes have changed from the past to the present? Now you dress up like Spider-man or Hello Kitty-which they didn't have 100 years ago. What do you think they used for costumes? Here's what they came up with:

Past-George Washington and Abe Lincoln costumes-I guess they were the celebrities of that time. :)

In the past they wore long dresses (how much do you love that illustration!) now we wear cool costumes!

Past-dressed up like  Port-a-Potty--they really get hung up on that no plumbing part! :)

Past-animals/a 2-person box-that one is....interesting.

Past-boot, hat, yarn, hand

Past-afro-now I know he's thinking the 70's, but that is the past.

In the past they made costumes with fabric, now we buy costumes.

All in all I thought some astute answers from kiddos who I know don't really understand the timeline of history very well yet.

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