Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ethics and The Presidency

We've been talking about elections this week. The book :

was one the kiddos really enjoyed. It was about a little girl who was shocked we've never had a woman elected President. So she runs for Class President. They do a class election using electoral votes and everything (I would totally do that with my kiddos if they were a little older-I think there are adults who don't even understand that process).

So thinking about our ethics concepts-I asked them to write whether or not they thought a woman would make a good President. I was actually a little surprised at the answers but thought some made some solid arguments!

Yes, because girls can be pretty and cute.

No because she would change the town to girl stuff.

no, because what if she has a baby.

Yes because a woman would go out and fix the world and pick up trash.

No, because no one would vote for them.

No because they will not listen one little bit. 

No because boys do not like what girls like.

Yes because it wouldn't be fair because some people want to have a girl President.

Yes because what if a President doesn't have a girlfriend. (You gotta love 'em and their thought processes!)