Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mom, Can I Get A Moose?

I found this sweet little story at the library:

It's a too-cute story about a boy who claims a moose as his pet-although the moose doesn't quite agree to that!

I wanted to work on persuasive writing with my kiddos, so I did this activity as kind of a preview for me to see what kind of skills we were starting with. I asked them to persuade an adult to let them have a pet. It was interesting to see some of the arguments that they made:

I would take care of it-I would take it a bath.

It will entertain the babies and I won't have to do anything (she recently had twin siblings born :)

Because if our tires are flat we can ride on it and if someone was stuck in a fire the moose will 
save the person.

Dad-you should buy it because I'm the princess in the house. :)

...because you have a lot of money.

...because you should do whatever I want.

it can take me to school and my house and the bus.

I want to ride one.

He can run the sheeps at grandma's house.

..if you don't I will not be your honeybun. :)

...when you are lazy it could do your laundry and fold your clothes and put them away. (don't you just love that illustration!) is a nice pet and it can get anything because it's tall.

...because it's nature and part of my heart.

...he will mow the lawn for you by eating the grass. 

...because they are quieter than me and if you are asleep so if I want cereal, he could get it.

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