Saturday, November 23, 2013


So we are reading Winnie-the-Pooh as our new chapter read-aloud right now. I love this book because once in a while there are these really meaningful lines that we can stop and digest a little bit. The characters make the kids laugh and since our last 2 read-alouds were a little more serious in nature, this is a nice change for us. Oh and I can do different silly voices and expressions which I think makes the whole process a little more fun!

I really like to ask the kids to play with details about a story or a a character. If we change a detail of the story what else will change? This writing assignment just kind of came to me last minute, don't ask me from where-because I truly don't know. But I like what they came up with. So the question was, knowing Winnie-the-Pooh, say he suddenly became rich, what would happen (get it P.Winnie like P. Diddy :) ? I knew the first thought would be that he would buy lots of honey-- so I did ask them to dig a little deeper into who Winnie was as a character.

My favorite answer--that would be classic Winnie wouldn't it, he never knows what people are talking about, but he likes it anyway!

Winnie might need some Hooked on Phonics! :)

So he took the honey answer a step further....

I love this answer too-I truly believe Winnie would be generous and share with his friends !:)

Could you imagine a teddy bear driving around in a BMW?!

Again, such a great visual! If only they could see pictures of the richest people in the world-I can't picture Bill Gates or Warren Buffett traveling around that way!

He also does like writing his songs-maybe we'd see him on The Voice! :)

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