Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gratitude Projects

Gratitude is something that comes up a lot in our classroom. We talk about it when someone brings in cupcakes for their birthday and a student asks "where's the juice?". We talk about it when we have  Donorschoose proposal filled and need to be grateful for those new supplies. We have Gratitude Journals that we write in a few days per month. What are you grateful for in school? What are you grateful for in winter?

As a photoessay project I have them take home disposable cameras and take pictures of 3 things they are grateful for. We send home a clipboard along with it so each can write down what they chose (sometimes they don't remember by the time the pictures come back :). Then I get the pics developed and the kids glue them on a poster and write for each one, why that's something they are thankful for. Of course, sometimes pictures do not come out right (I do encourage the parents to let the kids take the pictures themselves)-so if we don't have a picture for one of their images I let them draw it on their project.

Thankful for my mom because some daughters don't have moms, myself beacuse some moms don't have daughters and my grandma because some people don't have grandmas.

for my mom because my mom is sweet.

My house, my teacher and my BFF

Food, clothes and a bed-because I need them.

My doll because it is cute, my dog because it is a good dog and we all train it, food

Food, house, mom

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  1. They must love creating these. We use the word "gratitude" a lot in my room too. The more they hear about it and practice it, hopefully the more of it they'll show even after they leave our rooms.