Sunday, March 1, 2015

If I Were A Superhero.....

That's the question I asked my kiddos to write about. Honestly, I expected a lot of laser vision and strength--but they really thought outside the box a bit! I did get a lot of freezing powers-which I'm sure has nothing to do with the influence of the Frozen movie or anything. *wink*

Super fast powers for things I don't like to do, like work and cleaning.  Hmm-now that I think about it, I want that to be my power too! Able to complete 26 report cards in a single leap!

helping others and taking care of others

to make my shoes pretty because people's shoes are not pretty.

Ice power-because I could freeze people.

Growing flowers and cleaning the environment.

Speed because I'm really fast without my speed

to help others because I want everyone to be safe.

Saving people because saving people is nice andhelpful.

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  1. To make shoes pretty. :). My mom would like that one!