Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Leprechaun Ethics

I love having ethical discussions with my kiddos-I learn a lot about them. 

We never get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in school because it always falls on our week of Spring Break. I did do a lesson on it however, so they would know how the tradition started and how people celebrate. After a story about children trying to trick a leprechaun out of his gold, I asked them if this was the right thing to do. Was it right to try and steal a leprechaun's gold? Here are their responses:

Wrong because they own it, it's theirs.

(we always have to have discussions about how only grown-ups go to jail)

Wrong because you do not know if they are going to do a trick on you.

Wrong because it might be behind the gold pit.

Wrong because they will trick you back.

Right-because I want to be rich.

Wrong because you can trade instead.

Right because they have more.

Wrong because I would get in trouble

Wrong because stealing is wrong (yay, one who has morals! :)

A little conveluted-he got it first and your mom is at work.

Right because then moms can be rich.

Wrong because the leprechaun will be mad...very mad.

Wrong because stealing is not good.

Right because I want to be rich.

And my favorite answer---wrong because the leprechauns are going to be fired (she said their bosses would be very mad they lost the gold!)

So there you have it. Wrong because of potential consequences or right because you want to be rich. Gotta love the way their little minds think (my Kinders not the leprechauns! :).

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