Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Hero....

I do a class book each month where I copy an assignment from all the kiddos and copy it for their parents. I love to see the growth and how far they have come as writers! The question was who is your hero? Lots of moms and even more dads! :)

My Dad because when I can not read, he helps me.

My bones because it keeps me from not becoming jelly.

My Dad because they are awesome.

Miss Trayers because when we don't know how to spell "cap" she teaches us.

Wonder Woman because she saves people and has a lot of power.

A ninja because they are sneaky.

Snow White because she helps people and is nice and kind.

Rapunzel because she did the right things to save the boy.

My brother because he protects me and that is the right thing for him to do.

My puppy because she smiles a lot.

Katy Perry because she is just so awesome.

My mom because when I see her I feel that I she is a hero and love her.