Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ethics and Refugees

I know, you're like--this is a Kindergarten blog?! Yes it is. I like exploring deep concepts with my kiddos and I thought this one was a good one for election day.

I read them the book: 

--which is a little long, I will admit I skipped around a little bit. But Bad Kitty has stray cats on his street that are bothering him. He wants to get rid of all the stray cats-so he runs for office (sound familiar?). It walks the kids through the whole process from primaries to campaigning to voting day.

I told my students about the origins of America and how we are considered a "melting pot" because of all the different places many of our families come from. I asked them to think about that and the concept of ethics to decide whether or not they would let the stray cats in. Some of them said no for the same reasons that many Americans don't want refugees to enter America-"they did something wrong" or "they might scratch me". But most of them opened their hearts and said-yes, take them in.

Reading these answers I think may give you hope for our country this post-election morning. :)

Keep them out because they did something wrong.

Out because they wants to scratch.

I'm pretty sure that is supposed to say "if I didn't let them in"

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  1. Sounds like empathy to me, and I'm not surprised you're giving them opportunities to explore the feeling.