Friday, November 18, 2016

Thankful Projects

We all have a lot to be thankful for! We talk about gratitude year-round and even have our Gratitude Journals that we use weekly, but this was a way for us to put our thankfulness together in a project. We did a rough draft to begin with where I asked the kiddos to draw pictures of 6 things they were thankful for. Then they got to put their thoughts together on a poster board using markers! We talked about how everyone is thankful for their family and their friends. I wanted them to go deeper and think about things they were thankful for that maybe they didn't think about every day. I was impressed by some of their answers!

I am thankful for dog, friend, turkey, house, heart and doors. :)

I am thankful for barrettes, flag, construction workers, food, bees and cats.

I am thankful for milk, air, supply baskets, animals, food, school.

I am thankful for foods, Baby Jesus, love, caring for others, airplanes and clean houses.

I am thankful for books, school, supplies, journals, cross, friends. 

I am thankful for God, a girl, a boy, a person and my brother.

I am thankful for angels, dog, house, beach, watermelon and carrots.

I am thankful for helping mom, helping dad, my brother, myself, sharing and pizza.

I am thankful for books, cats, flowers, snacks and a dolly.

I am thankful for Miss Trayers, school, friends, horse, rainbow and pony.

I am thankful for a boat, clouds, flowers, friends, leaves and food.

I am thankful for turtles, God, Dad, journals, chicken and school.

I am thankful for dogs, beds, Mom, me, Dad and my sister.

Can I just say how proud I am that journals made the list a few times! Usually they roll their eyes when I say get journals out. :) I also think it's neat some of them are just thankful for themselves, I think that displays some confidence right there!

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  1. I am thankful for clean houses as well. I watched a youtube video researching how grateful people are happier. You're doing important things in those little lives!