Saturday, November 19, 2016

Our First Poems

We try to do a class book each month that I can make copies of and send home to our families. I see the growth in our little writers every day, but I think this way they can share in seeing the writing skills of our students grow. For this month we did our first poems! The students made a title, wrote adjective/food 3 x's and then summed up their feelings about the holiday with an ending sentence. I love to see them begin to make that connection between the sounds and the letters. Many of my students started Day One without knowing their letters and sounds at all--so the fact that many of them now know those sounds and can apply that knowledge to write is something I am definitely thankful for!

A Very Happy Thanksgiving
Soft rolls
good turkey
tasty corn
At my house everyone comes to eat.

Soft bread
Delicious Meat
Hot potatoes
Thanksgiving is fun.

Delicious turkey
yummy carrots
cut lettuce
My family eats.

creamy corn
good smelling gravy
very good chicken
I am very happy.

Super Fun Day
amazing lasagna
awesome turkey
cool mashed potatoes
My family always eats a lot.

Turkey Sanwich
real chicken
fire hot dogs
soupy sopitas
It is a party.

Happy Thanksgiving
good mashed potatoes
yummy broccoli
delicious bacon
I feel happy to eat with my family.

Turkey Day
good turkey
gravy mashed potatoes
tasty lasagna
On Thanksgiving I feel happy.

comfy meat
good pizza
healthy bananas
My family plays with me.

soft apple
hard chicken
red strawberries
My family passes out pies.

Lovely Day
delicious turkey
yummy peas
hard watermelon
We are having a lovely day.

Happy Thanksgiving
fried chicken
french fries
perfect turkey
I will have fun with my family.

Good Turkey
big carrots
soft potatoes
pumpkin spice
My family looks happy.

Happy Day
gooey cranberries
juicy turkey
yellow corn
My family is fun.

juicy turkey
good coffee
hot spaghetti
It makes me happy.

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  1. You have solid proof that kindergarteners can write when they start writing on day one. Woohoo!