Thursday, November 3, 2016

If I Were President....

I have to admit, growing up I had no interest in politics. When I was eligible to vote for the first time I distinctly remember going with my mother and father to the polls and we all voted for a different person-so my question was "aren't our votes just cancelled out"? I didn't understand the electoral vote process and how that worked. I probably learned about it in school but like my French language elective and home ec, if you don't use those skills you lose them. I now consider myself to be very informed. I watch the news every day, I read newspapers online. I follow a variety of people on Twitter who have a variety of opinions. I know where the candidates stand on issues I care about like education. And not just the Presidential candidates but local races, even our new School Board nominees.

Teaching this election has been pretty tough. I make it a point to remain neutral but when you hear 5 year olds strongly backing the candidate you are also for it's hard to chime in with them. We have been talking a lot this week about what a President's job entails. We have read stories about past Presidents.

So I asked them if they were President, what would they do? Here are their answers (I really liked the illustrations!) :


  1. I like the one that would tell everyone what to do AND care for all the people at the same time. That would be a good trick!

    1. Yes that would be a balance you'd have to strike. :) Thanks for stopping by Terri!

  2. Make rainbows - I like that one.