Saturday, May 9, 2015

Advice for Future Kindergartners

My kids know they will be 1st Graders in just a few weeks and they are very excited for that next step in their education. I asked them to write a letter to the Pre-K students coming up-what do they need to know when they start Kindergarten-I got some interesting answers! :)

You should always start off with an easy book.

I hope you do good in Kinder, do all the time good good, very good.

You should always pay attention and follow directions.

You should never yell, especially at Miss Trayers. It's safe. (love that she wrote that!). She has a dog named Ruby and I'm the Class Clown.

Be safe and listen to the teachers and do the best work as you can beacuse I don't want you to get an "F". So do it because so you can go to vacation.

It's awesome, but I don't know if you want to know.

When it is the first day don't cry if you miss your mom. Be strong. And if you want a drink of water and they're doing a lesson don't get a drink of water, only if they are not doing a station. (We have a water fountain in our classroom and one of my pet peeves is that they constantly ask me to go get a drink when I'm doing a lesson and they know my rule!)

You don't have to be afraid of your teacher.

Always make sure your answer is appropriate.

You have to make spaces [in your writing] and listen.

Make sure on the weekends you read and listen.

Be a good kid with Miss Trayers and in class all day, be good every day so you can learn. Thanks.

Do not hit your friends. When you are in a lesson you can't drink water. Do not be crazy. Do not be mean.

Be creative on your work and make your teacher smile!

Be a good kid and listen to Miss Trayers. Don't play and don't talk and listen to the book and learn as fast as you can. (I love that last part, this is one of my kiddos who struggled in the beginning-she certainly learned as fast as she could!)

You need to know that you are going to have spelling words and going to have fun.

I hope you do well on the test. You should maybe not run. Respect the teacher.

And last but not least....she added this as kind of a P.S.

You gotta love 'em! :)

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  1. They have some great advice. My kids are writing to kindergarten kids this week because the k kids get to visit our class on Thursday.

  2. I wish some of my students would follow that last piece of advice...