Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good-Bye Kindergarten

Now I had it in my head that we'd do this activity a little closer to the very end of the school year (we actually only have 12 days left with the kiddos!). However, we are doing EOY's all this week and I wanted something light and fun for them to do after their morning of testing.

I read them the book: 

I asked them to look around our classroom and write about what they would miss. Most of them wanted to write "good-bye" instead of "good night" but it was interesting to see what they value most in the classroom. Our kitchen center, blocks and puppets I think were most popular and they are right-they will not probably have those in 1st Grade. :(

Our buddies are stuffed animals they can read with and take turns taking home.

I think it's so funny that they wrote conduct chart because we are required to post one but I NEVER use it! :)

I don't know what the first one is, but the 2nd one is puzzles. Then puppets and my stool. I recieved a stool as a gift one year and I let my assistant for the day sit on it.

Rocking chair the last one makes me a little sad. I'm sure they will still have fun next year.

Little panda song-too cute!

And buckets-we do bucket fillers. :)

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  1. I am going to do this too. You have the best and most endearing ideas.

  2. That's a sweet idea. I'm remembering this for my last week.