Sunday, May 10, 2015

What I'm Reading

I realized I hadn't done a post about books for a while. My reading goal for this year was 40 books and I'm already up to 23! Not that my focus in reading is just a number-but I'm proud of myself. Maybe 5 years ago my number was zero, this is a skill I'm consciously working on. So I try to read at least a little bit every night (although this time of year is hard, I come home every day so exhausted). I also have started listening to audiobooks when I drive or shop. I can get through a book that way every week or 2 depending on how long it is. Some of my recent reads:

An interesting mystery story. A daughter is arrested for her mother's murder which she may or may not have committed because she doesn't really remember. So when she's released she sets out to solve the mystery herself.

I know, I know people often write Stephen King off as just a "horror" writer. However, I have been reading his books since I was a teen and he is still one of my all-time favorite authors. I think he has a profound way with words. This story is about a man who loses an arm in an accident and as part of his therapy moves to a beach house and starts painting. Of course, that's when all the weird stuff starts happening. Not too scary if you are faint of heart!

I wanted to listen to something light and upbeat because I find my mind filled with too many things this time of year-especially coming and going from work. Mindy is really light and upbeat! I want her to be my BFF, although I could only take her in small doses. I did find her exploits starting off in Hollywood and landing the job on The Office really interesting.

Meh. This book was ok, but I was disappointed in the ending. It's like the 4th book I've read in the YA genre with the same kind of ending-a bit derivative at this point. I liked it up until the last chapter or so.

This is what I'm reading now. I think it's also considered YA, it's written in a different tone than I'm used to-trying to stretch myself a little bit and read some different things. So far very exciting!

This book reminds me of Fault in the Stars in a lot of ways-but not in a bad way. The characters are maybe suicidal instead of disease-fighting though. I really like it so far!

That's my reading update. I know people might be looking for some summer reads. I myself can't wait to dive into my bookpile. I'm on probation from buying anymore until I read more of the ones I have! :)

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  1. I'll have to add that first one to my goodreads to-read list. The last is already on my list. Keep sharing what you read. I love to know!