Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Surveying My Students

Before you read these, let me preface this by saying I firmly believe all young children (and dogs) see your spirit when they look at you. If you care about them and they know that-then in their eyes you are beautiful, so that's why you see that in so many responses. I didn't bribe them or anything! :) Some of the upper grade teachers don't realize that. My students will go down the hall saying "that's a pretty dress", "those are beautiful shoes" to stranger teachers and the teachers will blush and say "thank you". I don't tell them they say that to everyone! :)

This time of year I love to survey my kiddos to see what their opinions are about the class and about their teacher. By asking "what does your teacher always say" I can see a difference between responses like "everyone line up" and answer like "no". If it's the latter that will make me reflect on some things. Oh and I should also probably tell you that I'm a vegatarian. I don't discuss that with my kids, however occasionally (I truly don't do it often) they will see me eat in front of them or see what I'm carrying to lunch-in case you were wondering why all the veggies! :)

My favorite one!

I like that it comes through I like to read, I'm not sure that would have been the case a few years ago when I really wasn't as much of a reader.

My teacher likes to be herself. Yes, she does! :) See they even see when you take risks!

Love that last response. I'm glad that comes across as well.

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  1. Because of you I've done this for a few years now. I really enjoy their answers. Thank you for sharing!