Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our Recipe Book

I wanted to have my kiddos make a recipe book for their moms. We looked at examples of recipes and how they were written and then I asked them to choose one of their moms favorite foods to write the instructions for. I was actually very impressed by what great writers they've become--although I'm not sure I'd try any of these at home! :)

Love step #1 even though I'm a vegetarian! :) I did say to be detailed in their instructions!

If only all recipes had an ingredient list of : good stuff!

So proud of this kiddo! Started Day One without knowing any letters and sounds. Really had to work on building confidence in sounding out words to write! And look at her now.....:) 

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  1. We make a cookbook for moms too, although the just dictate their recipes to me. I love how much your writers have grown this year. I've been wAtching!