Friday, May 15, 2015

Dads Rock Celebration

Well we celebrated our moms and the kiddos thought it was only fair to also have a morning to celebrate dads! Again I was so impressed by our turnout-about 23 families were represented. We made books that talked about their dads-if they knew about what they were like when they were little or their favorite things about them today.It was interesting from a sociological perspective that with the dads they mentioned how they love money more than they talked about that with the moms and also more about their work and sleeping! Some of them were funny like: "my Dad was smart when he was little" or "my Dad is a bit of a smart-aleck". Here's an example from one:

My Dad's favorite animal is a lion.

My Dad, when he was a baby, he would look up at the stars and then he is asleep.

My Dad's favorite food is carrots.

Of course, we had food:

And the kids did self-portraits:

And they filled out how their dads were like superheroes!

Overall I think it was a really nice morning. I think the Dads were glad they came and endured our little chairs for a while! :)

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  1. My dad is as strong as mom. That's going to bring some laughs!