Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our Mother's Day Tea

We had our Mother's Day Tea on Friday. The students all dressed up nicely. We had decorated the room the night before and had our refreshments all set up.

My favorite place card of the day:

We worked in groups to make posters with sayings on them-kind of like memes. Our theme was Paris so we looked at pics of that city to inspire us.

When the moms arrived the students took them by the hand and led them to their seat. We had portraits and recipe books for them to peruse while the students got their breakfast for them (we practiced with the tongs before they got there). And then I played the digital stories I have posted about before. We laughed at some of the things the kids wrote-"my mom was surprised I was born", "she is the best mom I never had". We cried at some of them "when it is raining and I am scared my mom hugs me" or "my mom fixes things when I cry".

Not only did I have almost perfect attendance (25 out of 26 families were represented, the kids were beyond excited to do this and begged moms to come apparently). But I think it was a really nice meaningful experience for them.

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  1. What a sweet way to honor all your moms. I bet the kids loved treating them to a special morning.

  2. I think they did! Now we have to come up with something creative for the Dads! :)