Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gratitude Projects

Every year I try to teach my kiddos not just how to read, write and add but I also try to teach them about gratitude. We do Gratitude Journals once a week and I give them a prompt to think about like "what are you grateful for that you can't see", "what are you grateful for at school", etc. At the end of the year I pick up some posterboards and they write about various things they are grateful for. I stress to them that everyone is grateful for their families and friends, I wanted them to go deeper and think about things they are glad to have that maybe everyone doesn't think about. I loved watching them work so independently-they are so ready for 1st Grade! :)

Is that perfect illustration or what?!

I'm grateful for my clothes and for my toes! :)

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  1. They are definitely ready for first. Send them my way!

  2. Oh how I wish they could come to you! :) I would know they were in good hands.