Friday, May 10, 2013

Mom Metaphors

We do introduce literary devices in Kinder and have already done things like similes and alliteration. Yesterday was the first experience they had with metaphors! I think it's a tough concept, but one I very much appreciate in literature myself. I can very specifically remember learning this concept through the Robert Frost poem "Out, Out" when I was in high school. The line was: "as he swung toward them holding up the hand--half in appeal, but half as if to keep the life from spilling".

Anyway, our metaphors weren't quite as deep. I asked the kids to write a metaphor for their moms--Mom, you're a _________. And then to write why they made that connection. Here's what they came up with:

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  1. How cute! I love the one about the heart and the sun!
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  2. Those are very sweet. I like how you challenge your kids!
    Grade ONEderful
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  3. Wow! Pretty good, the one where the mom is a rabbit mad me lol.