Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Uses for Everyday Things

I love this activity for critical thinking! You take any object and ask the kids to come up with another use for that object. I demonstrate with a pencil (and yes, you will get tons of answers that have to do with writing or drawing). What I'm really looking for are answers that don't have to do with the typical uses-I can put my hair up with it, I can open a soda can with it, if I had 2 I could use them for chopsticks.

Then I ask the kids to do their own. I like to start with paper clips because they are small and easy for the kids to manipulate. One year I did this activity and a student came up with my favorite answer ever: a hanger for ant clothes!

Here's some ideas my kiddos came up with:

to sharpen a pencil

as a hairbrush

A ladder for little people :)

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  1. One of my favorites that you do- some really neat ideas this year!