Thursday, May 9, 2013

Staff Appreciation Craft

I facilitate for our Student Council on our campus. Every year I have to come up with something we can make for the staff that can hang on their doors during appreciation week. I ended up just ordering some kits with bears and hearts (our mascot is Bears) from Oriental Trading and had the kids do portraits of the staff. Now that doesn't sound too difficult, right? Counting aides and custodians and everyone, we have over 70 people on our staff! So one of our tables has looked like this all week.

My poor students end up having to finish them up so we can get them out on time. I think some of them came out really cute-here are some close-ups!

I love how peaceful she looks, this one really is a teacher with that kind of spirit.

Our class has a running joke with our custodian. My kids made her a crown for her birthday and she calls herself queen of the school.

My biggest fear is that we forgot someone (I do have some extras just in case)-but I've gone over the list several times. Hopefully everyone will know how much the kiddos appreciate them! :)

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  1. What an AWESOME idea! I might just do that for the fun of it:)

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