Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pyramid Substitutes

Our school year is quickly approaching the final days. We have about 3 weeks left. This is the time I break out the more "fun" themes! I actually polled my kids to see what they wanted our last few weekly themes to be. We have a staff member from Egypt, so that was something they wanted to learn more about. They were surprised to learn their culture had more to offer than just mummies!

For a pep rally during testing our class participated in making a Harlem Shake-type video clip. Since then they have been enamored with it and beg to watch it over and over again. I was pleasantly surprised to find a similar clip from a class in Egypt doing the Harlem Shake just they like to do--hmmm, not too different after all!

Anyway, one of the activities we did after learning about the Great Pyramids was to come up with another material the Pyramids could have been constructed from. There are no rocks, no stones...what could you use. I knew I was in for it when several students asked if they could write a funny answer. I hesitantly answered yes, so that explains some of the options. :)

My favorite answer! :)

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  1. "toilets and high frequency words"- :)