Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Year-End Projects

We do projects all year in our class as a way to apply what we have learned. A little more time-consuming and and a little bit messier, but I think a good way to give my students an opportunity to apply their learning in different ways.

A colleague told me about this idea-they did the activity at her son's school. The objective is to find something on the school campus that inspires you and take a photo of it. My friend's son took a picture of a door--how deep is that! Then they take their picture and paint the image, make a collage of it and write about why it inspires them. Usually at this point in the year, they have developed more of an independence so they don't have to ask how to use the paintbrushes or where the paper is. They glue everything on a poster board and voila--an inspiration project.

Flowers inspire me to help the earth and pick up trash.

Miss Trayers inspires me because she is the best teacher. :)

It inspires me because it makes me to be smart and to learn.

The birds inspire me because they are cute. It makes me want to be a scientist.

Our music teacher.

The art teacher inspires me because she wants me to be creative and she teaches me art.

Chrysalis inspires me because it helps me to be a better scientist.

Some of the students did other students who inspire them, but I couldn't post them because it was impossible to remove the names. What do you think? I was proud of them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing- they did a great job!!!