Saturday, May 4, 2013

Painting Still Life

Is more than one still life going to be "still lives" or "still lifes"--hmm.

Anyway, we are reading the chapter book The One and Only Ivan (yes, Laurie at chickadeejubilee -still reading it! :) I've posted before about how my kids this year just aren't really into read-alouds-they would much rather watch it a story being read to them on the screen-but I am not giving up on that!

In the story, the gorilla is very interested in art and is a bit of an artist himself. At one point they bring in a still life and he is mesmerized by it. Now my school is in an area of low economic development, we have many LEP students-so I take any opportunity I can to show them what vocabulary means. We painted still lifes (lives?). I brought in a bowl of fruit and they painted it with watercolors. We also wrote about it (you know, so I can justify the activity with an objective and all).

I love that some of them came out very abstract!

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  1. Gorgeous!

    I do a still life project in my K/1 art curriculum. I'm always fascinated by the insight this gives as to how a child sees the world. The result isn't necessarily about skill, it's about perspective. Love!

    1. That's true-I can definitely see their personalities come through with their art.

  2. Love that you are still reading it:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. Oh yes, not giving up! They do like the story it's the sitting down and listening to it part that they fight me on. Grrrr. :)

  3. Inspiring pics, what a great way to bring a book's voc. into the classroom!